Founder and First President


Second President

               Fiscal Jose Perez Recto was born in Ibaan,  Batangas on October 9, 1909. He took up his elementary education at Rosario East Central School, his secondary education at National University, Manila and his college education (Preparatory to law) at the same university in 1928 - 1929. Then he pursued his law course in 1930 to 1934 at the University of the Philippines and at the University of Manila (National law College) and finished it in 1934. He passes the Bar Examination in the same year of his graduation.

               Atty. Jose P. Recto was elected a municipal councilor in Rosario in 1937 - 1940. Upon completion of his term, he was appointed judge of the Circuit Court of Rosario and San Juan, Batangas. He also served as the last Mayor of Rosario under the Philippine Commonwealth and the first one under the Philippine Republic. After his term as mayor, he was designated Asst. Provincial Fiscal of Batangas. Barely six months later, he was promoted as City Fiscal of Lipa City until his retirement. After which, he accepted a position as private lawyer of Metrobank, Lipa City.

             During his long period of public and private service, he received several awards and citation in relation to his exceptional devotion and loyalty to his duties and responsibilities; in fact, he left an indelible mark to his colleagues and friends to emulate.

              His long incumbency as president of the Padre Vicente Garcia Memorial Academy has made PVGMA what it is today, a towering institution of learning for almost seven decades of its existence.

               All through his life, he lived up to his philosophy of hard work, devotion to good learning and love for fellowmen.



               Almost half a century ago, during the Post-Liberation period, Dr. Melecio Bolaños, a man of wisdom and foresight had a glimpse, a vision at Tombol Hill. The vision is his own legacy - dedicated not only to his townmates but to every citizen of this land who may avail himself or herself of the basic gifts of secondary education.

               In 1946, this first high school was founded in honor of a well-known Filipino priest who was born on April 5, 1817 in Rosario, Batangas. in recognition of his exceptional patriotism, which was rare among the clergy during that time, Dr. Bolaños named the school after this great man of God, Padre Vicente Garcia, in order to remember his idealism of love of God and country.

              This monument to his positive thinking gave rise to PADRE VICENTE GARCIA MEMORIAL ACADEMY -  an institution that stands as a lighthouse in directing and guiding the youth towards the attainment of peace, prosperity, patriotism and love of God.



               Dr. Bolaños, as the first president of the Board, managed the initial existence of this first high school in Rosario. Under a permit only, first and second year classes were opened on July 1, 1946. Lectures were held at the houses of Don Antonino Luancing and Mr. Jose Maranan.

               Upon his demise, the stewardship was entrusted to a Board of Trustees with Attorney Jose P. Recto as President; Mr. Lucio Magsino as secretary; Dr. Fidel Luna as treasurer; Dr. Gualberto I as auditor; and the following as members, Mr. Antonino Luancing, Dr. Fernando Escano, Mr. Andres Macatangay, Dr. Irene Bolaños, Mr. Jose B. Zuño and Ms. Cristina Templi

              Eventually, under new management, the first PVGMA building was built in 1947. This was made of wood, nipa and "Sawaling Pampanga". Third and Fourth year classes were opened under a permit as well. Consequently, PVGMA gained the government's recognition.


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