Padre Vicente Garcia Memorial Academy, Inc. is a non – sectarian institution committed to provide education that is responsive to the needs and demands of the volatile and complex world through the

  • Integral formation of the learners
  • Utilization of relevant and developmentally-appropriate teaching and learning activities
  • Meaningful utilization and integration of technology
  • Institutionalization of well – defined standards, policies, and procedures
  • Use of planning to effectively response to the real needs of the community
  • Emphasis on collaboration, professionalism, work ethics, integrity, and discipline
  • Continuous professional development of teaching and non – teaching personnel

PVGMA students, faculty, and staff are lifelong learners hallmarked with moral and academic excellence, creativity and innovation, critical thinking, collaboration, civic and environmental consciousness, and technological literacy.

To foster whole-person development by instilling life-long learning skills and creating a teaching and learning environment that is responsive to the needs and demands of the local and global community

To develop well – rounded individuals by discovering their potentials and transforming them into critically thinking, problem – solving, technologically literate, caring, valuing, God – fearing and responsible members of the home, the school, the community, and the country.

The school aims to:

  1. Provide learning experiences that promote the intellectual, social, moral, and cultural growth of the students
  2. Equip 21st century learners with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary for work, entrepreneurship, and or higher education
  3. Imbibe moral and spiritual values to guide learners to think, judge, and act in accordance with good reasoning and moral standards
  4. Develop technological literacy and digital citizenship among the students
  5. Uphold Filipino culture, heritage, and values
  6. Develop among the members of the school social, economic, and ecological consciousness that will bring about willingness to reach out to the community

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