How to Survive School

Tips: How to Survive ‘School’


Essays due tomorrow. Roleplaying to be performed the day after. Quiz after the quiz after the quiz of the previous subject. Group activities which are perceived by the members as ‘leader’s activity.’ Performance tasks, after performance tasks, after performance tasks. I daresay, if you’ve experience the aforementioned situations, you’ll just question yourself, “What is pahinga?,” “How to sleep?,” and “When is the next holiday?”.


School is equal to ‘stress.’ No one would dare to ask how it derives with that equation because everyone knows its feeling for everyone underwent with that at least once. But school can also be an equivalent of ‘fun.’ It could be a place for your bliss and laughters. You just have to know how to survive from its day-to-day knots and demands and-- boom!, you’re still alive and kicking after going through the deadly roller coaster furnished by school.


Be organized. With the large waves on the ocean of hurdles, you must learn how to sail on it. And being organized is the first and foremost step on doing such. Be organized from where you place your school stuff, to the time you spent lavishly. Accomplishing tasks will be much efficient if things are done orderly and harmoniously. By being well-ordered, the large waves wouldn’t be a setback for you, instead, it will make your voyage smooth as silk if you only know how to flow with it.


Set priorities. A timetable will be a big help for this step. This could be your steering wheel which will lead you to less rutted uneven road. Apply the “first things first” strategy. Fulfill jobs you think you need to fulfill first. Set aside any distractions that will put away your focus from the job you are fulfilling. It will tire and bore you, yes, but you must endure it now, then you can have fun later, for you’ve just accelerated hundred miles from the thousands of miles journey you are in!


If you can do it now, do it now. Remove procrastination from your system. If you’ll do it later, possibly you’ll do it never. Not because you have free time, you should have it freely. You can spend your free time on meaningful aspects, like brainstorming, gathering information and materials, etc. You shouldn’t just be creative, but always be creating!


Don’t strain yourself. Perfection is splendid. Yet, you must also stamp in your mind that one cannot be perfect all the time. There are things that are enough as it is. Do not drive too far that could make your body stress, too. Get adequate sleep and rest. Basically, if your physique is all worn out and not functioning well, accomplishing tasks will not be well also.


Unhinge yourself from burdens. Set a day when you can hang-out with your family and friends. It is a guaranteed way on freeing yourself from stress. Remember, you are not a robot. You’re a student, besides you are still an anak and kuya or ate or bunso to your family, and a bessywaps to your friends. Spending time with them wouldn’t just benefit you, but your psychological health also. A stress-free mind is a well-functioning mind. You deserve to have fun!


Be Flexible. Changes are indeed inevitable. Things didn’t always happen as you planned. There are times when we are sailing smoothly and calmly, then later on winds will change its directions. You must be adaptable to changes. Aside from your concrete plan, you could use the letters B to Z for your back-up plans. We cannot adjust the direction of the wind but we can just adjust our sails.


Set and remember always your goals. Before you could be an engineer, you should pass numerous math subjects. Before you could be an accountant, you should learn taxes and laws. Before you could be a lawyer, you should read and be familiarize with chunky thick books. Setting goals is a step to make yourself inspired and motivated. It reminds you that after the storms you’ve gone through, the brilliant and vibrant rainbow will shine through. Definitely, an oasis on a vast desert! Yes, it will be dreadful and deadly but, iiyak lang pero hindi susuko! Your goal and dreams for you and your family will be what keeps you pushing.


School is the most important phase in our life, and at the same time, could be the most strenuous one. But it is just a training field for us to be ready to the real world, which is out from school. As Zig Ziglar stated, “There’s no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.” School is indeed a learning place, not just academically but also to everything we need to be equipped for. 


Perform these simple steps and continuously make your heart beat rhythmically and accordingly even if the school seems to be choking your neck. See you on the real world!


by: Kennedy Escala


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