The Four Sang’gres of Encantadia Invaded PVGMA

              Chosen students portrayed their characters and blow the whistle on. Perceived that it was going to be a job well done for them as being the representatives. Wearing their suit on their confident destructive way and showed up what they've got. Sang'gre Amihan, Sang'gre Pirena, Sang'gre Alena, and Sang'gre Danaya the four sanggres wherein they exerted efforts to be the apple of the eye yet their passion set out. Their suit symbolizes their power, their strength and their magical armor with the combination of their looks that makes them more powerful inside and out.

            “Being one of the contestant was a big opportunity and a big break to show who am I. Despite of having a self-doubt, I just grabbed it and faced the crowd cheering me. Having people who trusted me from the very beginning lessened my insecurities, doubt and nervousness. Even though I lose, still it’s a pleasure to me to be part of the competition,” Shaina Pesigan, who portrayed Sang’gre Alena, stated.

            Even though they are all have their differences, still they have only one goal, to protect the people and to protect their love ones. It may inspire us to do good things like them and show what personality do we have.

            At the end Shyra Shane Alcaraz as Sang'gre Pirena was declared as the winner. She boosted her confidence and truly showed that she is the one to win for. The way she stood on the stage and the way she portrayed Pirena made the audience assured in their mind that she is the one who deserved to be called "Cosplayer of the Year".


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