Since then, it has been in the tradition of schools to organize beauty pageants during special occasions, such as the Lakambini and Lakandiwa during the yearly celebration of BuwanngWika, Mr. and Ms. United Nations during UN month. These pageants are among the expected events each school year.  Should we continue organizing these kind of pageant or stop?


These pageants have positive sides and advantages for students.

These beauty pageants are among the ways to build confidence and nurture the talent of the young boys and girls. For shy girls and boys, entering these kinds of competition may be intimidating, but alsoit maybe their motivation to overcome their fear in facing the majority, and result to a better self-esteem. Since beauty pageant contestants are often required to speak to an audience or even perform a demonstration of a talent, it may make the participants realize that this environment makes them more passionate

Pageants are among the way to have interrelationship with other people. Some contestants have a talk with one another and share their interests, hobbies, and more which may develop into a friendship.

People feel valued and appreciated whenever they are recognized for their hard work. In some beauty contest cash prizes, trophies, ads, commercial, and other opportunities are given to the contestants who have the real potential.

Participating in these pageants lead to good sportsmanship. It motivates people to work hard, to establish goals and to enjoy themselves at the same time. Competition also teaches younger people lessons, such as the importance of good sportsmanship.

On the other hand beauty pageants have negative sides.

Beauty pageants are most dangerous for children, as taking part in these contests often drains their families financially

These pageants teaches participants that self-value comes from outward appearance. The lesson that their attractiveness is their only important characteristic, leads to emotional difficulties in adolescence and adulthood.

Beauty pageants are often attended because the child has an interest in them, but sometimes, especially with younger children, the enthusiasm for the competition begins to lie more with the parents than the contestants themselves. Some children lose their passion for the pageants, but are pressured to continue by their parents, who become arrogant in their desire for their daughter to succeed. Such pressure can provoke relationships between parents and their children

But if I were to be asked, school pageant shall be continued because even if there are disadvantages in participating in these competitions we still have remedies for these like limitations in competing. Also if these pageants pursue we may learn something from it that we may bring until the end of our lives.


by: Mamisay Patrick

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