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          Last July 23, 2018, the president of the republic of the Philippines namely Rodrigo “Roa” Duterte delivered his third State Of The Nation Address (SONA) in front of approaching 3,000 lawmakers media people and guests at the Batasan Pambansa in Quezon City. This year’s SONA was shorter compared to the two preceeding SONAs of our president.

           First among all, Duterte highlighted that the war from illegal drugs is far from over and will not be sidelined; instead, it will be as relentless and chilling. He also stated that illegal drugs waste away lives, disfunctionalize families, and ruin relationships. In my opinion, War on drugs which has started since the last two years, has its own pros and cons. In my perspective, the disadvantage is, this war on drugs has killed so many people, whether guilty or innocent, and this sometimes broke the constitution specifically the bill of rights stated in the article three of the 1987 constitution. Then the advantages are: because of this the number of drug users, drug dealers, drug runners, and drug lords in our country has decreased, this has also brought some people into changing their whole selves into a broader sense that made them more prolific and more productive Filipino citizens. In my perception, I consider the war on drugs as the most important achievement that our president has ever achieved for the last three years of his tenure. And this is the probably not the best, but as far is the most effective way that has been made in order to reduced and eliminate illegal drugs on the Philippines.

           His next concern is about corruption, in which based on my perception is really timely and relevant to our country, for many leaders are not doing the right thing to do, for many leaders are stealing from millions of families residing in this country, and for many leaders are making things implemented in the whole country lived by millions of people only for their own sake. This is wrong, for laws are made for the people and the people alone. Corruption has always been an issue in the country even during the tenure of the preceding presidents. But our current president in my opinion is highly concerned with political issues and giving extra effort to eliminate those that should be eliminated especially corrupt leaders. It is also excellent that our president stated that the elimination process will never exempt even the best of his friends when it comes to corruption.


           These are some highlights of this years, SONA or state of the nation address. Generally, personally, I think that this year’s SONA is more of citizen centered, by which actions, statement laws, are of the people’s concern and are of help and for the benefit of the Filipino people. This year’s SONA may be short, but what matters most is the content that is full of citizen centered statements, and laws for the benefit of the whole country and its people.


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