Pavigameans Danced to ‘DURA’

            Bodies are shaken, hips are moved and smiles appeared. On the 31st day of July, the Pavigameans united to burn fats in their bodies and likewise showcase their awesome jaw dropping dance moves and that is through the Nutrition Day Zumba Competition.

           Six grade levels with twenty four sections compete for the title of the best zumba grooving section in Padre Vicente Garcia Memorial Academy. Eventhough the scorching mid-afternoon heat is burning them down and their skins are begin to get sticky with perspiration, one can notice that there are still some vibrant smiles that are painted in the corner of their lips (though their faces are still crumpled and their brows are meeting in the middle of their forehead thanks to the burning heat). But eventhough the time, place and temperature in performing zumba is not that admirable, “Dura” by Daddy Yankee make them forget about it. With this upbeat song, the energy of the Pavigameans increased a hundredfold; and together with the unlimited supply of energy and admirable moves of the zumba leaders, everyone began to enjoy their time eventhough they are already sweating buckets and their armpits are begin to get drench with sweat. Enjoyment and fun before personal hygiene. Who cares if you bath in your own perspiration when you’re making the most of your time right? (or not). After half an hour of shaking the fats down and moving their hips, the judges finally chose the section that will climb in the next level. One section is chosen in every grade level base on their astonishing performance and enthusiastic dance moves, not how much weight is loss during the zumba. For the grade seven, the section of G7 Agoncillo is the one which exceed in the next level together with G8 Topaz. G9 Yakal is also given the opportunity to compete again for the title, likewise the G10 Love. For the Senior level the G11 Plato and G12 Einstein are the ones who shall again be in the zumba dance floor.

           At the second part of the Zumba competition, everyone once again showcased their awesome and suave moves in order to win the title. Bodies are moved, hips are shaken and the hidden second layer of fat in the bodies of the participants burned for the second time. Smiles are painted again in their lips and even the spectators cannot help but to join the fun by either copying them or cheering for them. But the intensity in the zumba dance floor increases when the advisers of every section decided to join the fun. Together with their students, the hidden dance moves are discovered by everyone. Laughters become louder and smiles become wider. Everyone is having the time in their lives in this simple zumba competition. And at the time of the competition, winners are announced.

           Pavigameans, eventhough they are drench with sweat and their skins are burned by the scorching heat, they still manage to find fun and enjoyment in what they’re doing. Eventhough the ordinary zumba becomes a fun and enthusiastic activity for them. This only shows that we, the Pavigameans, are students that can smile eventhough our armpits are drench with our smelly sweat and our skins are burned black by the sun.

-Catherine Albuna-

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