It all Starts with Determination

           The basketball players of Padre Vicente Garcia Memorial Academy gone into a lot of pressure and obstacles that they feel like they are finding their way out of a pinhole. With Santo Rosario Academy as their opponent, they displayed their skills that they had honed for months of training and perseverance. The opposing highschool basketball team did the same thing, showing the Pavigamean players and the audience the result of their hard work and perseverance in order to win. If one is watching both of the teams in the court, they would really feel the thick and heavy atmosphere accompanied with the sparks of determination that surrounded the players.

           The game between these two schools are held in the gymnasium of Padre Vicente Garcia Memorial Academy on the 31st day of August 2018 with the scores of 12-17, 28-29, 40-37, 54-56. Before the game starts, the venue is filled with the enthusiastic shouts of supports and excited voices of the supporters and the audience who are anticipating the start of the competition. Everyone has their own cheer to fire up the players. Enrico from PVGMA is the one who got the first score for their team and it is followed by the continuous shoots from Andal together with his teammates, thus winning the first quarter of the game. Second quarter arrived with the opposing team displaying their skills and talent, though at the end of it the PVGMA basketball team is still the one who climb to victory. But the next quarter is considered to be the most exciting that it keep the audience at the edge of their seats. During the third quarter, every players display their speed when it comes to running and strength in stealing the ball. Every pass that a player makes is mixed with anxiety since the game is now coming to an end. Anog, from the opposing Santo Rosario Academy team is able to shot a three-pointer followed by Maderazo; it seems like the Pavigamean players are losing their focus hence the third quarter was conquered by the SRA.

           This is the quarter that all had been anticipating for. This is where the winner will claimed their victory and strode toward the light of admiration in he field of highschool basketball. The faces of every players are painted with determination and the hunger to win the the game as they show a very appealing and nerve-standing competition between them. Their faces show exhaustion and they are covered with sweats though they aid it no mind to it. Andal continuously delivered three-pointers, while at the same time dribbling the ball and passing it to his teammates. “Kaya mo yan anak, go go go!” with the encouragement of Mrs. Villamor who is watching in he sidelines, Villamor is able to gain two points for his team. “Kayang-kaya nyo yan, magagaling kayo at kung ano mang maging resulta nito, para sa akin kayo pa rin ang panalo”.stated Sir Arias (coach); and at the last three seconds, Bernardo shoot the ball making the PVGMA basketball team won the victory.

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